09 August 2009

errmm ce mana nak cakap tah...

hari ni.. errmm bangun pagi fresh walaupun semalam tido agak lewat.. tapi tak de la lewat sangat. dalam pukul 12am lebih dah tido. ok aarr tu.. tapi may be dah lama dah tak tido lewat cam tu.. tu yang terasa lewat sangat tu..then pukul 6am dah bangun untuk subuh.. lepas lepak2 jap.. terus siap2 nak pi jogging kat tasik titiwangsa. aku pi sensorang jerr.. semalam ogie balik lambat so, dia ngantok la. actually dia balik umah kakak dia kat melaka. kak norma plak pagi2 lepas subuh dah kuar. pagi ni adik dia konvo kat UPM. so, dia bergegas pagi2 tu pi ampang ambil kakak dia then baru gie UPM.

cam biasa kat tasik ramai orang on sunday. macam2 aktiviti tersendiri. tak de sape nak kisah. ada yang berjalan, ada yang berlari, ada yang berbasikal, berjogging, main badminton, berdating, berkelah pun ada. masing2 dengan cara yang tersendiri. pagi yang permai lagi indah..membuatkan aku merasa bersemangat untuk bererobik dengan pengunjung2 yang lain. best gak. tapi lebih sejam tu.. penat gak...

then balik umah aku basuh kete. lama tak basuh kete. berhabuk jerr... then aku tak cadang pun nak wat apa2 dok jerr la kat umah.. tetapi segala yang di rancangkan tak menjadi. tetiba jerr ada orang ajak tengok wayang.. errmm best tu.. lama gak tak pi tengok wayang. maka pergilah aku kat KLCC tu.. tengok wayang. ramai giler orang kat sana.. bermacam2 bangsa yang aku jumpe.. al maklumlah.. lama sungguh aku tak pi KLCC. ni le citer yang aku tengok...

best oooooo citer nih. tak rugi langsung pi tengok dan bersesak dengan orang lain. sapa2 yang lom tgok, pi la tengok.. ni ha.. sinopsis dari citer nih..

In the near future, weapons expert James McCullen (Christopher Eccleston) has created a nanotechnology-based weapon capable of destroying an entire city. He sold four warheads to NATO, and the U.S. Army is tasked with delivering the warheads. Duke (Channing Tatum) and Ripcord (Marlon Wayans) are delivering the warheads when they are ambushed by the Baroness (Sienna Miller), who Duke recognized to be his fiancee Anna Lewis. Duke and Ripcord are rescued by Scarlett (Rachel Nichols), Snake Eyes (Ray Park) and Heavy Duty (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje). They take the warheads to The Pit, G.I. Joe's command center in North Africa, and upon arriving rendezvous with General Hawk (Dennis Quaid), the head of the G.I. Joe Team. Hawk takes command of the war-heads and excuses Duke and Ripcord, only to be convinced to have them join his group after Duke reveals that he knows the Baroness.

McCullen is revealed to be using the same nanotechnology to build an army of soldiers with the aid of the Doctor (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), planing on using the warheads to bring panic and bring about a new world order. Using a tracking device McCullen locates the G.I. Joe base and sends Storm Shadow (Lee Byung-hun) and the Baroness to retrieve the warheads with assistance from Zartan (Arnold Vosloo) when they infiltrated the Pit, inflicting several casualties on several G.I. Joe soldiers with General Hawk being wounded. After a fight, Storm Shadow and the Baroness retrieve the warheads and take them to Baron DeCobray, the Baroness's husband, for him to weaponize with the Eiffel Tower to serve as a showing of the warheads' destructive power. Making their way to Paris, the Joes pursue them through the streets but are unsuccessful in stopping them from launching the missile. Duke manages to hit the kill switch, but in doing so he is captured and taken to McCullen's base under the Arctic.

G.I. Joe locates the secret base and fly there as McCullen loads three missiles with nano-mite warheads. After Snake Eyes takes out one, Ripcord pursues the remaining missiles in a prototype Night Raven jet while Scarlett and her group infiltrate the base. While Scarlett and Snake Eyes attempt to shut down the Arctic base, with Heavy Duty leading an attack on Cobra's forces, Duke learns that the Doctor is Rex Lewis, Anna's brother believed to have been killed on a mission led by Duke four years ago. He was trapped in a bunker with Doctor Mindbender (Kevin O'Connor), disfigured in the blast which everyone presumed had killed him. The Baroness tries to free Duke but the Doctor reveals he has implanted her with nano-mites which has put her under his control for the past four years, admitting his amazement that she is resisting the programing. Attempting to kill Duke, McCullen ends up being facially burned as he flees with Rex to an escape vessel. Duke and Anna pursue him while the Joes fall back when Rex activated the base's self destruct sequence.

Rex then heals McCullen's burned face with nano-mites, encasing it in silver as he christens McCullen "Destro" and assumes the identity of Cobra Commander before they are captured by G.I. Joe soon after. The G.I. Joe team makes final preparations to decommission their North African base of operations, transferring all personnel and equipment to the supercarrier USS Flagg, where Anna is placed in custody until they can remove the nano-mites from her body. Meanwhile, Zartan, having been earlier operated on by Rex, infiltrates the White House during the missile crisis and assumes the identity of the President of the United States (Jonathan Pryce).

citer ni.. citer ni best then aku pun ada kenangan terindah semasa tengok citer nih.. hehehehe.. poyo tak.. cerita best kenangan pun best. semuanya best. kalo di fikir balik cam tak cayer jerr.. then ada rasa pelik la pulak... teringat balik candy.. errmmm
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....from kekwa22 with love....

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  1. ala...nk tgk cte nih...xde kesmptn lg r...xde org nk tmnkan gk skng ni...tgk xajak...=(