19 May 2008

*... Feel Pain to Know Pain ...*

...And beneath the sky's oppressive dome

Wounds scar you, you draw nearer to your home;

Don't flinch from pain or search here for its cure.

Uncauterized your wounds must bleed; endure!

~Farid-Ud Din Attar

The Conference of the Birds

As i was taught suffering is blessing,

realistically, it was too hard believing

As i feel the pain, and see the wound,

i realise how much i've been through.

It's a trophy for all the strife

to remind me how i survived.

A trophy not for triumph per se

but a lesson that must be relayed

After the pain, so where's the blessing?

Is it just the discovery of my wound and crying?

Retribution? Revenge?Forgiveness?

Its enough to reflect that Allah remembers

Recall His love note for all of us

in verse two-eight-six of the female ox

He promises us, a balanced strengths and tests

to Him, are we to doubt and detest ?

What we learn is the colours

of pain, which differs

not only black, not only white

as a coin, that has two sides

Despite the form, we need to brave

the value pain brings for us as slaves

the pain of Joseph, Jonah and the rest

are too huge to compare to us brats

Allah... guide me well in my journey of pain and suffering.

Guide me well in my LACK of pain and suffering...

as tests are more rigourous

in those forms that are less obvious

Allah.. please help.

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