23 May 2009

why should i

i'm suppose to finish a class at 10pm but our lecturer ended at 7.30pm. i park my car at utm, so go to utm by taxi or by bus. i wait both. eerrmm but it quite difficult during that hour. may be they stop to solat. after 15 minutes a got bus. rm1.60 bus fee. i think quite expensive. utm & yayasan selangor not so far.

today my lecturer said, 'please don't keep thinking any problem deeply. you can think but not to think so much. if you think so much you will get more trouble..' eerrmm since just now i keep thinking what my lecturer said. how can i do that, not to thinking about it. i still thinking what was happend in 2 week ago.

Ya Allah, kenapa sampai ke saat ini aku masih lagi mengingati bait2 perkataan tersebut. kenapa kenapa kenapa. macam mana aku nak melupakannya....

macam mana nak buat supaya aku tak teringat dan merindui dia. macam mana.. i am sick about it. why i cant forget him. every minute he is in my mind. please.. go.. why should i still thinking abou u? why why why. are you still thinking about me too or not? or now you should have any person to replace my place at your heart. so that why you threat me like that. is it possible? i try to not buruk sangka but i dont know why you give me a word like that. actually who am i for you?.. why do you want to declare with me. you start it and you end it. is it a joking or just playing around? are you happy with all you have done for me?

i dont know why i cant stop thinking about you. ya Allah, please help me.

....from kekwa22 with love....

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